There are 5 different types of clutter:

  • Articles of Unfinished Business: Ignored Projects
  • The Unloved Ones: Unused things and objects gathering dust
  • The Needed but Jumbled: Items that are useful, but in disarray
  • Just Too Much: Multiples and collectibles
  • The Wandering Nomads: Needed, but misplaced items

The Results of De-Cluttering:

  • Clarity: Engage projects with focus.
  • Ease: Experience mental and emotional well-being.
  • Flow: Move comfortably through rooms.
  • Peace: Relieve stress and enhance rest.
  • Freedom: Create and enjoy other activites.
  • Transformation: Shift your quality of life.

What is clutter costing you?

There are costs associated with clutter. From the cost of paid storage, to relationships damaged by the inability to get closer than the 'stuff.' I'm here to help!


Your tastes, preferences, and journey are honored in this process.
When we give ourselves permission, we remember what we love and what supports us in our environments and in our lives.

I will listen and support you.
As you seek to fulfill your life desires, you can learn ways to create spaces that affirm these aspirations.