Is your website mobile friendly?

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Mobile Friendly Website Design

Experts predict that mobile web browsing will overtake desktops by 2014. Are you ready?

As of the spring of 2015, Google Algorithyms began ranking sites that lacked mobile-friendly design (responsive design) lower than other sites.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design means that your website automatically detects screen resolution. Your website will be optimized and displayed in the best way possible for whatever device its being viewed on, whether it’s a desktop monitor or a mobile phone.

On small devices, menus are displayed differently so its easy for your users to navigate without scrolling back and forth or resizing your website. phone numbers and emails are displayed as working links that make it easy to email and call you. Addresses become links that interact with GPS mapping software so users can click the address and get turn by turn directions.

We specialize in mobile-device ready websites!