Get Social!

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An important part of good marketing is touching your audience often.

Your prospects may not need your services right now, or maybe they don’t know they do… keeping your name in their minds, even subtly, gives you a far better shot at being in their mind when they DO need your services or have a chance to make a referral.

  • Create a Facebook Page for your business. If you’re a company that benefits from personal relationships for business and referrals, this is a great way to increase visibility and educate your audience about what you do!
  • POST! You should be posting a few times a week. I know, it seems like you won’t have anything new to say or will be beating the same horse, doesn’t it? Not true. You can re-post items from someone else, just ask and give credit where credit is due. Post about projects you’re working on or have worked on, post information your audience will find helpful. Any time you can post in such a way that your audience can relate to what you post is the best. You can post intros to a longer idea or case study that is on your website by posting a link. This also serves to get people on your website.
  • Overload is posting so many times in one day that you turn people off, or constantly SELLING. Do not beat your fans over the head. Sometimes I hold things for a few days and post later to spread it out.
  • Get visual! Using an image will always get your post more notice and are far more likely to be read. Use your phone camera to your advantage…figure out how to post to your page from your cell phone.
  • Get a little personal! Don’t be afraid to show a little personality! Your knowledge, your expertise, your personality. Be human, have a little fun, make people think, but also make them smile. When you make people feel good, they feel good about you!
  • Get connected! All the great posts in the world won’t matter if no one sees them. Network in person and add those people to your online network. Post a Facebook link on your website. Connect with those on your LinkedIn accounts. Connect with movers and shakers who have lots of connections; they have a large sphere of influence. Create a Twitter account and connect your Facebook page so that it automatically updates your Twitter feed.

Do you need help going social? Call or email for a consultation; we’ll make you a social butterfly in no time!